How to connect systems and utilize apps with API Management and microservices

API Management, the adhesive that connects data

What are APIs? For starters, they are the adhesive that enables your apps to connect data to your tablet, phone or desktop. Furthermore, when you throw microservices into the mix, you allow your IT to be better positioned to “build, govern, scale, promote and analyze” your APIs. This essential component is known as API Management. With the two technologies working in tandem, you enable the full support of the API lifecycle.

Working in partnership

With APIs and microservices working in partnership together, you are able to accelerate digital transformation for your company. How? This enables your systems to release trapped data that is holed up in legacy systems. Once you release data from the old system, you help enable a better bottom line for your organization. Consequently, with APIs and microservices, you can help prevent cyber attacks. This ensures that security and compliance are adhered to for your organization.

It’s no surprise that APIs and microservices are the essential tools to enable your company’s success. According to a recent global survey, 98% stated that “without APIs” your data is stuck in the past.

Living with old systems is not a smart option in today’s changing IT landscape. Don’t get stuck in the past. Take your company into the future with APIs and microservices.

Learn more about what the API Lifecycle Management is here.


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