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When selecting a list of API Management vendors, you must ask yourself targeted questions. Provided is a breakdown of the top list of API Management vendors and informational questions to ask when selecting one.

Questions, questions!

Start with the basics. Get detailed and address the key points you want to pinpoint for your assessment of API Management vendors. This should be based on your needs and preferences. Ask yourself, do you want to expose your services internally or externally? Or, do you seek out transformation and intervention abilities, or do you simply want API monitoring and analytics? Having analytics reports at your fingertips is a nice plus to have for your APIs.

But, let’s not forget about security! Security needs to be high on your list of “needs” when selecting a list of API Management vendors. Lastly, money! Usually a deal-breaker, but it serves to shop around for the best deal within your budget. It’s also interesting to note the future of API Management. Now that you have the basic “go-to questions,” let’s get started.

A list of API Management vendors

3scale by RedHat is an API management platform that is geared towards going with execution and function. Some of their features are: API traffic control, API program management, OpenShift integration to name a few. 3scale by RedHat heads towards external and internal use so you can manage your APIs. They focus on having growth in mind.

Apigee API Management builds and connects applications in a rapid manner. They work in analytics to optimize time and scale. Some of their offerings are security, analytics, operations, runtime, and monitoring. Apigee, by Google Cloud, focuses on their analytics as their selling point.

Axway is a full-service company that offers AMPLIFY API Management for the full lifecycle of your APIs. This is an important feature because you are able to secure your services, monitor your APIs, as well as perform analytics to name a few. They also offer a range of products for all-things APIs.

Kong is a company that secures, manages, and extends your APIs and microservices. Like other companies, they keep their focus on an open-source approach. They are “platform agnostic,” this concept is covered over many systems.

TIBCO Mashery reuses existing data to drive digital innovation. This is their fundamental concept.

Akana is a REST-based API that supports activities relating to setup. Akana pursues another approach by not using a gateway. They instead utilize their own APIs. This, in turn, works at coordinating an API.

CA Technologies focuses its structure on developing APIs for the mobile space, as well as publicizing their security through enterprise-grade security solutions.

Cloud Elements is an API Management provider but their principal focus is on integration. It’s another approach than other providers mentioned.

IBM API Connect has been around a long time. They focus on their enterprise solution and are experienced in this arena for support and tooling.

Dell Boomi promotes itself as an “enterprise integration platform as a service. No hardware or software to manage.” Dell Boomie presents itself within the integration.


There are many companies and options to choose from when compiling a list of API Management vendors. It’s important to do your research and come armed with specific questions to get the best solution for your individual needs.

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