API Management

API Management is a hot topic. Stay in the know with the most up-to-date material.


What Is API Management?

The actual definition isn’t the focus, but the components and features that make up the solution are the answer. Read how an API Management Platform drives digital transformation.

Specifications for Your API Management Project

Succeeding with an API Management project requires good discipline and following 3 major steps: preparation, a list of project specifications, and a good methodology to evaluate vendors.

The core principles of API Management

Having a sound definition in hand allows us to discover the principles of API Management, including the API Catalog, API Client Registry, API Gateway, and Developer Portal.

API Management Solutions

API Management solutions involve many aspects to be effective. For starters, API Management is building secure APIs, publishing them to be reused and to be able to deploy them in an accessible environment.

Late last month, the Justice Department weighed in on a controversial, yet extremely important topic and source of tech innovation: the ability for organizations to copyright APIs. The declaration stems from an ongoing battle between two tech giants, Google and Oracle,...