1. Interesting article, but I do not get the point. Do you want to say that OID should not be used, or that it requires a specific development fir each OID identity provider?

    • My understanding is the latter. While OID is useful, there is no way to have a unique module that could manage the different social login providers with common setting options. Every time, there is a new development needed.

    • Hi Marc,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on the article and providing some feedback.
      I am the writer of the article that Stephane linked to at Smartwave.

      In fact the point that I wanted to make is that there are currently very few OIDC identity providers and none of the “social media” companies actually support the standard, which is both unfortunate and very limiting for anyone wishing to integrate social login functions as a specific development is required for each of the sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
      If instead each of these companies were to make use of OIDC, one “standardised integration pattern” could be used to interface with them all.
      I hope that helps to clarify the article.

      Best regards,


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