Considering The Event-Driven Opportunities Around the Tableau Extensions Dashboards

We are learning more about the Tableau Extensions API, and the extension gallery they’ve just published. Allowing developers to create dashboard extensions that enable Tableau customers to integrate data from other applications into Tableau. Some of the use cases Tableau provides for extensions are:

– Create an extension that has write-back functionality, so users can modify data in a viz and have that change automatically update the source data in the database or web application
– Build custom viz and interactivity types such as a filter replacement with a custom interface and network diagram
– Integrate 3rd party functionality inside the dashboard

Tableau currently has fourteen extensions in their Gallery, providing some ideas for what is possible when it comes to developing dashboard visualizations from external sources. Here are the extensions they currently provide:

Write-Back (by Xpand IT) – Write-back allows you to select data from your sheets, add new information to it and persist it.
Wordsmith (by Automated Insights) – Enhance your dashboard with automated written analysis, powered by natural language generation.
Dashboard Usage Monitor (by Infotopics) – Monitor your Tableau Dashboard interactions with Google Analytics to improve the usability.
Performance Insights (by Infotopics) – Measure your Dashboard performance and receive expert advice on performance improvements.
Show Me More (by Infotopics) – Add new visualization types like the Sankey Diagram and Radar Chart to your Tableau Dashboards.
Button Filter (by Biztory) – Replace any single or multiple value quick filter by a series of clickable buttons.
Image Filter (by Biztory) – Replace any single or multiple value quick filter by a series of clickable images.
Brush Filter (by Starschema) – Provides interactive data filtering with brushing. (region specification with mouse gestures).
Tableau Tracker (by Starschema) – Collect dashboard usage data and use it to track user behavior in Tableau.
Export All (by The Information Lab) – Use Export All to generate a single Excel workbook from multiple Tableau charts.
Dynamic Date Parameter (by Biztory) – Set a date parameter to a default value when launching a dashboard.
Data-Driven Parameters (by Tableau) – Automatically update your parameters based on your data!
Date Updater (by Tableau) – Automatically update your date parameters to today, yesterday, a week ago or a month ago.
Filter Bookmarks (by Tableau) – Instantly revert your dashboard filters to predefined settings.

As we learn about what is possible with the Tableau extension API, we are looking at how we can take some of the most popular data sources from the API Gallery and turn them into real-time streaming dashboard extensions. Providing real-time, and event-driven access to a variety of topics as they change across popular 3rd party APIs like Reddit, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Instagram, and others. Bringing a wealth of 3rd party data into Tableau dashboards.

If you are looking for access to specific types of data within your Tableau dashboard we’d love to hear about it. Also, if you are a Tableau developer, and are available to help our customers develop specific extensions, we’d love to make a connection as well. While we aren’t in the dashboard and data visualization business, we are interested in being the engine behind these dashboard elements. Taking the wealth of resources we have profiled within the API Gallery, and making available within Tableau.

AI in Finance White paper - Tableau Extension

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