Establishing A Data Task Force Within Your Organization

One request we get from our clients on a regular basis is assistance in helping organize and streamline data across many different groups. They really want to use our services to stream data to their consumers with the biggest appetite, but they don’t always know where all the data resides, let alone have it available in a single, easy to use, web API. We fully understand this reality and realize that not all organizations will always be ready for using from day one. We’ve had enough requests on this front that we are pulling together a more formal approach to helping our customers develop a data task force within their organizations. We are looking to pull together a simple guide to help establish an internal task force for pulling moving forward data conversations, with a handful of elements:

Team – Identify team members, stakeholders, and develop an org chart to help guide efforts across many disparate groups.
– Sources – Discuss existing data sources, and where data already exists across an organization, as part of wider data targeting efforts.
Standards – Helping identify any existing industry standards in use already, or exist and should be used.
Management – Establish a baseline approach to managing schema, versioning, and evolving them as part of an organizational-wide effort.
Communication – Provide a communication framework for teams to collaborate on data efforts, and help put in place and facilitate.

There are other elements we consider beyond these five areas, but this represents the most critical areas our customers and partners are needing help with when it comes to getting their data house in order. Laying down a base for moving forward data conversations in an organized way, helping identify what data is already in use, and begin painting a picture of what a harmonized data layer might look like. Pushing for some coherence, collaboration, communication, and standardization across teams when it comes to how data is being put to work.

If you are having trouble keeping your data house in order we’d love to hear what your challenges are. We are putting together a data task force guide based on the projects we’ve accomplished, and some of the conversations we are having with our partners. We should have a draft document ready in May, but it is something we’ll be versioning and adding to, so we’d love to include your struggles, questions, and challenges in future editions. Let us know what you’re facing, and we’ll see how we can help directly engage through a consulting engagement, or at least by making sure your needs are covered in our self-service data task force guide.

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