At Kong Summit: Mature API Providers are Investing in Event-Driven Architecture

We were at the Kong Summit in San Francisco last week speaking on how mature API providers are investing in event-driven architecture. Taking some of our research gathered while developing the API Gallery™ on the road, and helping share some of the event-driven patterns we are coming across as we profile the API space, and map out where the opportunities are. One dimension of our work involves profiling the event-driven architecture of the leading API providers, which is the inspiration for our Kong Summit talk, “Mature API Providers are Investing in Event-Driven Architecture”–here is the abstract for our session:

Simple web APIs are where every company, organization, institution, and government agency should begin their API journey. However, APIs that are enjoying more traction with their consumers are beginning to evolve in how they deliver their API infrastructure using a more event-driven approach. Building on a successful API management strategy, these more mature API providers are adding webhooks, streaming, and publish and subscribe models on top of their existing request and response approach to delivering APIs using the web. Let’s take a moment to learn from the API rock stars like Stripe, Slack, and Twilio, as well as the growing number of API pioneers who are investing heavily in their event-driven infrastructure in 2018.

In our presentation we discussed more about the webhook, event types, streaming and other event-driven infrastructure we’ve documented as we are profiling APIs, and adding them to the gallery. Looking closer at how the most mature API providers out there are investing in event-driven, and specifically the rock star APIs like Twilio, SendGrid, Strip, Slack, and GitHub. Learning from the API providers who have help make APIs a mainstream concept, and studying how these API pioneers are evolving their request and response infrastructure to be more event-driven. Leveraging webhooks, query languages, and streaming technology as well investing in a more organized approach to defining not just our resources, but also the meaningful events that are occurring across our platforms.

We are pleased to be part of the lineup at the Kong Summit, learning more from the ecosystem, and working with our partners to deliver the solutions companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies are needing across the API life cycle. API management is a corner-stone of the API life cycle, and we are also increasingly seeing event-driven architecture like webhooks and streaming becoming a staple of API operations, providing a full suite of API solutions for consumers to develop web, mobile, network, and other device-based applications. If you have any questions about how Kong and work together, feel free to connect, and we are happy to demonstrate how you can augment the APIs you publish via the Kong gateway with an event-driven layer–it is what we do here at

AI in Finance White paper - Event-driven API

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