A month of conferences and talks!

We had a very exciting month with new features released (more here) and lots of conferences. This post’s objective is to share what we discovered and the materials of our talks (prez + GitHub).

Friday the 5th: Best of Web


Full “stacked” at Best of web

Cyril Balit (@cbalit) organized this event with a very simple (i.e. very good) concept that can be easily deployed in every town with enough dev meetups. He gathered in one day the best talks of the year from 8 “front-end” Parisian meetups (AngularJS, WebComponents, backbone.js, Ember.js, Node.js, PhoneGap, D3.js & Paris.js).

It was a great pleasure to follow the 12 talks. All were very good, but I will keep four of them in mind:

  1. The excellent and funny keynote from Christophe Porteneuve (@porteneuve) who told a very personal story about the last 20 years of the web. If you are organizing a front-end event and haven’t found your first keynote yet: ask him!
  2. Virgine Bardelas (@giniebardales) reminded us what RESTful is. She dissected seven steps to a “real and beautiful” RESTful API. Her talk was clear for beginners and still, she went into details and relevant information. Her major challenge was to deliver so much content in only 20 minutes!
  3. Raphaël Luta (@raphaelluta) explained how to use D3.js in order to display real-time data, especially when the data flow is huge. An impressive demo!
  4. Hugo Cordier (@HugoCrd) made a nice intro to RxJS with the integration of streams (such as the movements of mice). He made me wonder how such concepts can work with streamdata.io… we will need to test that!

The ambiance was friendly and it left a lot of time for meeting people between talks.

8-10th of June: Breizhcamp


Three days of talks & hands on tools in Rennes. 300/400 developers.

We will keep in mind three talks:

  1. A fun history of cryptography that will help you understand key concepts. The video is here (French only!) by Audrey Neveu (@Audrey_Neveu) Sébastien Lambour (@FinistSeb)
  2. The story of Groovy by Guillaume Laforge (@glaforge)
  3. “Designing Captain train Mobile Experience” by Cyril Mottier (@CyrilMottier)

We gave two talks. The first one was on “Green Coding”: how to reduce your code carbon footprint with effective coding. Cédric (@tranxuan) explained the impact of the “new tech” industry on earth and why “streaming >> ongoing polling” and “incremental updates >> full data set.” Our slides here.

nicolas breizhcamp

Nicolas from Streamdata.io

Our second talk, given by Cedric and Nicolas (@nicbaboul), explained why every UI will soon include some real-time animated data. Based on a demo we developed without and with animated data to explore the UX and coding differences. Our slides here.

11-12th of June: RivieraDev

Twenty-four talks on the French Riviera, another great location in France with a nice pool of developers.

Lorie Allan Rivieradev

Lorie & Allan from Streamdata.io

Lorie (@LoriePisicchio) and Allan (@Allandenis38) from Streamdata.io explained how SSE and JSON Patch can reduce network load when displaying animated real-time data. For this talk, they developed a webpage based on JCDecaux API. The UI is an animated map with bikes and docks.

The code of the demo is here:

15-16th of June: MoneyConf

FinTech and most-established financial institutions from all around the globe met in Belfast for two days. Over 50 startups had booths to explain their project, some finding investors and some to find clients or partners.

It was a very exciting moment and we met a lot of interesting people… I guess Guinness and Whiskeys helped! We left Belfast with the intention to come back in 2016. Out of all the companies we met, we will keep an eye on:

Tradable: A platform aggregating numerous trading tools under one UI. You can simply drag/drop your preferred apps into your “tradable” board.

Tradimo: Trading explained to dummies and experts! Besides an online course, Tradimo is providing a game with which you will learn all you need to know about trading while having fun!

Priceshoppers.com: If you are passionate about a product or service, you can make money out of it! With Priceshoppers.com, create a page about a product and when people buy it because of your content, you get paid! Very good idea and nice UI!

Trade.it: They are filling up the gap between contents/portals/banks and brokers. With their technology, you can easily put in your app a way for your clients to trade with any (most?) brokers. Simple = genius!

Eric Horesnyi MoneyconfEric Horesnyi (@EricHorenyi) presenting Streamdata.io at Moneyconf 2015


During a month, we saw passionate developers talking about new tools and passionate businessmen talking about new projects.

Coding has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Coding is now more about aggregating objects/tools/libraries quickly. Docker is a perfect example. It has become popular in 2014. It was impossible to go into a dev conf without a talk about Docker.

The first release of docker was in March… 2013. Not everybody uses it, but going into a new project without at least thinking about it should be considered a big mistake. Because of the speed of changes, the difference in productivity between passionate coders and a “less” passionate ones are becoming bigger and bigger.

On the “opposite” side, most new businesses require coding…

My personal thoughts: Most big groups should really think a lot about their corporate culture because now, value creation is an exponential function of passion and flexibility.

**Original source: streamdata.io blog


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