Five Types Of Stories To Tell From The API Gallery Profiling Work

The API Gallery is an awareness building, lead generating, and content development effort for us. It pushes us to better understand the API landscape, studying the approaches used by the API providers we are working to get the attention of. It also helps us uncover interesting topics which we can turn into stories here on the blog. Helping us keep a regular stream of information available on our blog, and sharing valuable insights that help our customers–all driving traffic, and leads for our company while bringing value to our readers.

Throughout our process of profiling new API providers for inclusion in the API Gallery, we are taking advantage of a variety of storytelling opportunities. We’ve identified some regular ways in which we can bring exposure to the APIs we are profiling, while also bringing attention to our services. Here are a handful of the storytelling opportunities we are taking advantage of:

Profile – As we profile each company, organization, institution, and government agency we tell a story about what they do, and the (hopefully) unique set of APIs they offer.
StreamRank – Telling a story about the APIs that have a higher rate of change, and provide the greatest opportunity for turning into real-time streams of data.
Topic – Isolating the interesting topics that exist like stock tickers, programming languages, trends, and other interesting tags and topics that can be used with APIs.
Event Architecture – Showcasing webhooks, event types, and other approaches to deploying an event-driven architecture that helps API platforms be more responsive and in real time.
Individual APIs – Highlighting individual APIs that provide interesting and valuable resources that provide the resources our customers are looking for.

Beyond these five areas, we tend to find other interesting, more unique stories to tell, but this represents the stories we can tell over and over throughout our work. The API space is so diverse, we can repeat these patterns across many different industries and never repeat ourselves. Mining the API landscape for valuable resources, and shining a light on how the sector is evolving to better meet the demands of partners, and platform integrators.

If you would like to get more exposure for your API, feel free to submit your API to the gallery. There is a form available for submitting your API at the bottom of each page, and you can help expedite your submission by ensuring your API has an OpenAPI definition available. As we are profiling, we will be telling stories along the way, and if your platform and APIs fit into any of the areas discussed above, we’ll most likely be posting stories about what you are doing here on the blog. Added bonus, is if you have an active blog, Twitter, or GitHub account, and are taking advantage of services, we’ll keep telling stories about the interesting things people are doing with your platform, and weaving into our marketing efforts.

Image Credits: Giulia Forsythe

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