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Product Management Professional helping companies build “Better APIs, Faster.” Previously, he has advised Fortune 500 retailers on their omnichannel strategies and has been an evangelist for API-Driven architectures. He also holds 3 US and International patents in the area of Internet Telephony.

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MASA mesh

What is MASA – Mesh App and Service Architecture?

MASA is a new architectural model introduced by Gartner which stands for Mesh app and service architecture. It reflects what has emerged over the...

What are the different types of APIs?

There isn't just one type of APIs but actually three main types of APIs: Open APIs - aka Public APIs - are publicly available...

How to easily secure your APIs with API keys and OAuth?

Securing your API does sound like a complicated thing but there are some basic things you can consider to setup your API in a...

What is API Lifecycle Management?

API Lifecycle Management is a term illustrating the need to manage all steps in a life of an API, from creation to retirement. APIs are...
api quota

What is API Throttling, Quota, Rate Limiting and Burst?

In the world of APIs nobody gives direct access to his resources because you never know how much your services are going to be...