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Helping companies create an integration layer that hides the complexity in legacy systems, while creating a control point for new ones. This is going to be hugely important for companies that want to move faster. Loosely coupled code, architectures and even teams is where the world is headed and I am loving it!

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Five Tips to Modernize your Banking Infrastructure

In today’s global economy, the banking playing field and banking infrastructure are faced with a plethora of obstacles that can slow their business down. For a...
API microgateway

What is an API Microgateway?

Complimentary article from David McKenna, VP Engineering at Axway. One of the tenets of successful microservice strategy is the adherence to Conway's Law which results...
api security and artificial intelligence

API security with AI (Artificial Intelligence)–Webinar

I’m sure you have noticed how big the topic of API security with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become worldwide over the past year. This simulation...