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Kay has been a submarine navigator, a seaman on trading ships, shipbuilder, a sports teacher, and passionate software engineer for many years before he became a professional coach and dedicated his life to organizational change towards Digital. He led the Swisscom API Program for more than four years and built a vibrant network of international programs. Kay is a trusted advisor for various big players in banking, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, insurance, as well as NGOs worldwide.

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different types of APIs

What are the different types of APIs?

There isn't just one type of API but actually, there are three main types of APIs: Open APIs--aka Public APIs--are publicly available with no access...
What's an API call?

What is an API call?

Have you ever wondered… what’s an API call? Sounds like you’re going to make a telephone call and talk about APIs. Well, if only...

How to easily secure your APIs with API keys and OAuth?

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MASA mesh

What is MASA – Mesh App and Service Architecture?

MASA is a new architectural model introduced by Gartner which stands for Mesh app and service architecture. It reflects what has emerged over the...
API quota

What is API Throttling, API Quota, Rate Limiting and Burst?

In the world of APIs, nobody gives direct access to his resources because you never know how much your services are going to be...