Win-win with customer experience innovation

customer experience innovation
customer experience innovation

Companies today all recognize the pressure to transform to a digitally centered foundation. The urgency of it is primarily influenced by how close software disruptors are to their door. At the same time, most recognize the need for greater innovation whether for competitive strength or for opening up new markets. The reality is that the best place to invest in maybe customer experience innovation.

Customer experience innovation

Think about the industries that have weathered digital disruption and more importantly the driving force behind it. More often than not, it is customer experience where the level of convenience is an important marker. Uber and Lyft disrupting taxis and shuttles by adding the convenience of booking by phone, ability to track ride, and automatic payment. Consider Amazon online purchasing versus driving across town, Google maps on your phone instead of a dedicated GPS receiver.

The need to improve customer experience innovation is clear and the value of it stunning, as an annual Forrester Customer Index survey report has noted. But what exactly does a “better customer experience” mean? How does one bring innovation to the challenge?


Digital business today is often thought of as transformation. It’s also about customer centricity. How do you put the customer at the center of all your interactions? There are likely integration challenges that stand in the way of access to customer information across multiple silos, but the combination of silos may also be the source of competitive providing you another reason for taking those silos out of solitary confinement.

Digital interaction today includes an ever-increasing set of touchpoints. How relevant is the experience across them? Can an interaction move from desktop, to tablet or phone and back without adding inconvenience? Relevance also means the ability to adapt to changing customer requirements, whether in the moment by anticipating additional information valuable to the customer, or longer term through changes in the relationship with your company. Understanding browsing patterns is a key to both as is existing customer information.

Perhaps the most significant area for innovation, given the ability to achieve the convenience table stakes above, is in the discovery of the path of most convenience. It certainly may require additional technology and integration, but optimizing the value can only be done with a deep understanding the customer experience.

API technology today provides the foundation for connecting systems, touchpoints and people at the heart of customer experience. Invest in customer experience innovation and deliver unprecedented convenience that delights customers, increases market share and competitive advantage.

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