What drives API growth?

According to a recent IDC research sponsored by Axway, APIs cross the chasm from technology to value-based solutions.

Use and planned use of APIs

Many IT and business managers were asked what is their current and planned use of APIs.
Use and planned use of APIs
Today many enterprises see APIs as a technical software product, and the most important use cases reflect this:

  • 47% use APIs as an integration technology
  • 45% use APIs as a SaaS integration technology
  • 39% use APIs as a channel mechanism for the business

In the future this perception will shift towards a more business-oriented paradigm. The highest future growth areas will be:

  • ‘as a way of joining up different lines of business and SBUs’ (43%)
  • ‘as an enabler of co-innovation through your organization`s value chain’ (38%)
  • ‘as a way of rapidly meeting regulatory requirements’ (36%)

Hence value in a business context will become the key driver of API adoption as customers seek value-based business solutions rather than generic API technologies.

APIs help co-innovation

Regarding co-innovation, the research asked ‘does your organization use or plan to use APIs to enable collaboration and increase innovation within your organization?’
APIs for co-innovation
49% responded ‘yes’, and 13% plan to in the future. Together these two segments outnumber those not planning to use APIs in this way (28%) by over 2:1.
A surprising 10% of respondents were not familiar with APIs. These were comprised of 6% of IT staff and 17% of non-IT staff. The 3 industries where non-IT staff were least familiar with APIs were Business Services, Wholesale & Retail, and Government.
Those enterprises that have implemented or plan to implement Customer Experience Networks are much more likely to use APIs to enable collaboration and innovation. These organizations are also less challenged than non-adopters when connecting to external third-party stakeholder systems.


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