Workshop with local partner in Finland

This week, we organized a nice workshop with local partner in Finland, Agent IT.
This is always very interesting to develop business in countries where you are not well known on the local market. Our closest office is based in Stockholm, Sweden. From there, our account managers cover the whole region, including Norway, Denmark and Finland. In this configuration, a direct sales approach is not really scalable and a partner strategy is much more efficient to address the market; in terms of typology, we are used to work with different sizes of partners to get the optimal coverage.
The event took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This is a place downtown offering accommodation, Wi-Fi access and meeting rooms along with coffee and lunch service. A good place to organize a nice and interactive event with a panel of companies interested in our expertise in API Management.
Cost of such an event is affordable (~1200€) to which you need to add travel and expenses for the team.
In order to keep a good traction, three to four such events a year are a good start to support our local partner and make sure we develop good awareness on the market. To follow up early next year ….


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